Video Command Center (VCC)

Video Command Center (VCC)

in-field advanced situational awareness

Designed by current public safety remote pilots for the needs of various UAS operations, our Video Command Center (VCC) provides a cost-effective means to transmit live critical video from the field to commanders/leadership situated in mobile command centers or other offsite locations.

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See how our VCC is used today in our Critical Infrastructure Inspections and UAS Training Programs!

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  • Portable/Compact – regardless of their location, providing  commanders with an aerial overview to assist with making crucial decisions
  • Safety – providing visual observer with a large screen allowing them to be proactive with the pilot to ensure optimal flight safety
  • Convenient – utilizes your current mobile Wi-Fi (hotspot) connection
  • Aviation-Grade Construction
    • All wires shielded and tied using military standards
    • 22-inch LED screen mirrors your UAS display
    • Ability to display video from two UAS simultaneously (HDMI and Wi-Fi)
    • Ability to be powered by AC or DC
    • Two USB charging ports
    • HDMI-out to provide video to command vehicle or additional larger monitor
  • Durable/Rugged Enclosure – integrated wheels and extendable handle
Video Command Center