Utilities Inspection

How MissionGO UAS is Redefining Utility Inspections

Improved Safety

  • Let the UAS take the strain
  • Reduce hazardous manhours and eliminate the danger of climbing towers
  • Fly over rough terrain and vegetation that is difficult for utility workers to traverse

Superior Data

  • Up to 50% higher detection rate compared to traditional methods
  • Unmanned aircraft provide higher quality imagery and better data
  • More predictable and repeatable results due to automated processes

Higher Efficiency

  • Fast and efficient acquisition of large volume of high-quality data for inspection
  • Avoid lengthy and costly outages
  • Secure lines and inspect critical infrastructure in one flight

Community Relations

  • Trained experts at public education
  • Experienced at promoting positive customer interaction and de-escalating situations
  • Our field teams are trained to be public-facing

MissionGO Difference

  • Decades of experience in manned and unmanned aviation
  • We build and implement Unmanned Aircraft programs from the ground up
  • Our dynamic training professionals are easy to work with and deliver excellent results

Expert Mission Planning

Our background in manned aviation has taught us the value of proper pre-mission planning. Not only does it improve safety and compliance, but it also increases efficiency and the overall quality of our products. Our crews follow our time-proven Operational Risk Management (ORM) checklist and processes to ensure no stone is unturned when evaluating a mission. All MissionGO operations are in strict compliance with FAA regulations and exceed industry best practices. Our deep-rooted understanding of aviation safety, and the National Airspace System (NAS) coupled with our long-standing relationship with the regulator (FAA) enables us to ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance. We are subject matter experts in airspace and fleet management with a long and proven track record in complex flight operations.

MissionGO was one of the first companies to promote the use of Crew Resource Management (CRM) for unmanned aircraft operations. CRM has been used in manned aviation for decades and has had a significant positive effect on safety by reducing aviation accidents. MissionGO teaches CRM as an integral part of the training services we provide our customers. All MissionGO pilots receive initial CRM training prior to piloting a UAS and must receive recurrent training to remain current.

“Training is a thread through everything we do. You don’t truly know a topic or a skill until you teach it.”

—Tony Pucciarella
President, Retired Navy Pilot Instructor with over 20 years of aviation experience

Capture Impactful High-Res Images and Videos

Our crews specialize in consistently capturing high quality and detail-rich images from the best vantage points. We realize the important role that each individual image plays in providing an accurate assessment of the condition and safety of critical infrastructure assets. We operate the latest equipment with the best sensors available to capture high-resolution data that provides zooming capability to inspect items as small as a single cotter pin. In addition, the quality and consistency of our images present a solid basis for AI and machine learning inspection systems.

Our proven and safe long-linear inspection method allows us to cover miles of ground to capture the greatest number of inspection items possible in the shortest amount of time. These “quick-looks” offer an efficient method to conduct status checks on critical assets to evaluate for major safety issues, vegetation encroachment, and other potential obstructions. Quality is multiplied by efficiency. Combing this capability with our knowledge of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations provides a powerful tool to our utility customers.

As an added value, our teams use the MissionGO Video Command Center (VCC) to provide the best service possible to our clients. The VCC allows MissionGO crews to live stream a high priority event (or a safety issue observed during a routine inspection) to Qualified Electrical Workers (QEWs) and other stakeholders in real-time.

The smallest details matter during inspections. No more overlooking cotter pins and fasteners.

Keeping Data Safe

Cybersecurity and the integrity of your data are at the center of our data management system. Data collected is immediately uploaded and stored on secure servers. All images are tagged with relevant data and organized to facilitate seamless accessibility by the inspectors in almost real-time. We can also integrate our data solutions to your Geographic Information System (GIS) database. Need it faster? Our Video Command Center is always on-hand with every MissionGO crew to provide even faster visibility into critical issues.

“MissionGO is all about safety and they get the job done. We were impressed with their level of mission preparedness and their approach to problem-solving.”

—Utilities Manager

How Do You Scale Quality?

Scaling quality is one of the most difficult challenges in business. How do you grow a business and add personnel without losing what has made you successful? At MissionGO, we believe the only way to achieve this is to maintain a set of critical constraints that you never compromise. For us, those critical constraints are safety, compliance, and training. It’s at the core of our corporate culture and each employee has a “manned aviation” culture instilled in them from day one with the company.

We get paid to train customers and we are very good at it. We started with a strong foundation in general aviation principles and we’ve adapted and learned how to customize our training and safety procedures to meet the needs of our UAS operations. The result is what some clients have said is “the best training I’ve ever had in my career.” Each MissionGO crew member goes through the same rigorous training we provide to our customers. This results in a common standard of excellence in every one of our crews. To receive a MissionGO training certificate (either as a client or a MissionGO employee) means something in the industry and to each crew member that earns it.