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Excerpt from Drone Radio Show

“Can a drone save lives by delivering organs for transplant? Anthony “Tony” Pucciarella and Ryan Henderson are with MissionGO, a leader in next-generation transportation logistics and communications.

Earlier this year, the MissionGO team completed an historic drone test flight, carrying a human kidney and corneas across Las Vegas via UAS. The demonstration fights showcased the real potential that drones could have in supporting life saving medical procedures involved organ transplants. Tony is a pilot and veteran in the aviation and aircraft industries and is the President of MissionGO.

He is certified as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and is rated in aircraft ranging from the iconic B-25 to the fastest business jets flying today. Ryan is a certified manned and remote pilot and currently MissionGo’s Lead Pilot.

Both individuals have significant expertise with transportation logistics.

Tony has an established background in manned and unmanned aviation, engineering, aircraft systems integration, operational testing, and business.

And Ryan has extensive knowledge in flight control systems, command and control links, and radio relay. He is a subject matter expert on airworthiness analysis and has participated in global operational deployments including disaster stricken and harsh environments. In addition to being President of MissionGo, Tony is also the Founder and CEO of AlarisPro. AlarisPro is a UAS fleet management company enabling enterprise UAS operators and fleet managers greater visibility, monitoring and management capabilities.”