sUAS Startup Program – a Turnkey Solution

Take the guesswork out of complying with requirements including:

• pilot certification
• aircraft registration
• operational procedures
• data handling & privacy procedures
• choosing systems best suited to your needs.

Our sUAS Startup Program – a Turnkey Solution goes beyond hands-on training by helping you establish a professional, compliant, and sustainable UAS program that will withstand outside scrutiny.

Mavic Drone
Mavic Drone

The MissionGO UAS Startup Program is a turn-key solution that includes:

  1. Program support — we walk you through the entire process of establishing a compliant UAS program
  2. Step-by-step guidance for taking the FAA Part 107 Exam
  3. Textbook, software, and training materials to help you prepare for the Exam
  4. WebEx course and Question/Answer period to help you navigate the most difficult portions of the exam
  5. Two days of hands-on UAS training at your site (using your equipment or ours):
    a. Day one includes a full day of instruction on UAS flight operations (to include night ops), safety procedures, and inflight emergencies for up to 6 students
    b. Day two is a full day of instruction on UAS flight operations, basic troubleshooting, and mission specific training scenarios for up to 6 students
  6. Assistance with selecting systems that meet your requirements
  7. Assistance with registering your UAS
  8. Two-year subscription to AlarisPro UAS Fleet Management software
  9. Customized MissionGO UAS Operations Manual including:
    • Interactive PDF version for tablets and computers
    • FAA 107 rules
    • Customized Departmental Organization
    • Customized Data Handling Procedures
    • Crew requirements
    • Flight Planning Procedures
    • Normal Procedures
    • Contingencies Procedures
    • Safety Procedures
    • Incident Checklist
    • Sample Flight Logs
    • Sample Maintenance Logs and more
    • Integrated AlarisPro software user manual
    • Important numbers and links for the airspace in your area
  10. Detailed Airspace analysis of your region by our experts
  11. Part 107 Day Waiver application to the FAA*

* Additional charge for airspace waiver applications

MissionGO instructors have decades of experience in manned and unmanned (civil and military) aviation and public safety/law enforcement instruction. Our team of professionals is committed to helping public safety organizations establish professional UAS programs. All of our highly-skilled instructors are FAA Part 107 certified and some hold the highest certifications available for manned-aircraft as well. They have lived aviation for most of their lives and are well versed in establishing and supporting aviation organizations.


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