sUAS Startup Program – a Turnkey Solution

Take the guesswork out of complying with requirements including:

• pilot certification
• aircraft registration
• operational procedures
• data handling & privacy procedures
• choosing systems best suited to your needs.

Our sUAS Startup Program – a Turnkey Solution goes beyond hands-on training by helping you establish a professional, compliant, and sustainable UAS program that will withstand outside scrutiny.

Mavic Drone
Mavic Drone

The MissionGO UAS Startup Program is a turn-key solution that includes:

  1. Program support — we walk you through the entire process of establishing a compliant UAS program
  2. Step-by-step guidance and direct access to MissionGO instructors when preparing for the FAA Part 107 Exam (MissionGO has a 100% pass rate for all our students)
  3. Textbook, software, and training materials to help you navigate the most difficult portions of the exam
  4. Detailed Airspace analysis of your region by our experts
  5. Two days of hands-on UAS training at your site (using your equipment or ours):
    a. Day one includes a full day of instruction on UAS flight operations (to include night ops), safety procedures, and inflight emergencies for up to 6 students
    b. Day two is a full day of instruction on UAS flight operations, basic troubleshooting, and mission specific training scenarios for up to 6 students
  6. Assistance with selecting systems that meet your requirements and registering your UAS
  7. One-year subscription to our partner  UAS Fleet Management software
  8. Customized MissionGO sUAS Operations Manual including:
    • Interactive PDF version for tablets and computers
    • FAA 107 rules
    • Customized Departmental Organization
    • Customized Data Handling Procedures
    • Crew requirements
    • Flight Planning Procedures
    • Normal Procedures
    • Contingencies Procedures
    • Safety Procedures
    • Incident Checklist
    • Sample Flight Logs
    • Sample Maintenance Logs and more
    • Important numbers and links for the airspace in your area
  9. Part 107 Day Waiver application to the FAA*

* Additional charge for airspace waiver applications

MissionGO instructors have decades of experience in manned and unmanned (civil and military) aviation and public safety/law enforcement instruction. Our team of professionals is committed to helping public safety organizations establish professional UAS programs. All of our highly-skilled instructors are FAA Part 107 certified and some hold the highest certifications available for manned-aircraft as well. They have lived aviation for most of their lives and are well versed in establishing and supporting aviation organizations.


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