MissionGO Inspection Analytics – What? How? Where?

May 24, 2023


MissionGO’s all-in-one data solution offers input and output analysis on all critical infrastructure. Learn more about this new offering and how you can leverage it with your data. www.missiongo.io/analytics


MissionGO announces we are now offering data inspection analytics for our customers… what does that mean? It means that MissionGO now has an all-in-one solution set for your infrastructure inspections. From collecting the data to processing it to providing the report you need to take action, MissionGO now does it all. The services can also be split – we can process alternative data collected by a third party to easily and quickly triage repairs and maintenance.

MissionGO Data Inspection Analytics



Data can be collected directly through the platform during flight operations or uploaded post-flight. It is then immediately sorted by asset tag/location and assigned to an analyst for review. MissionGO analysts all must have electrical grid experience – our team is made up of former T&D linemen, construction managers, engineers, and vegetative management leaders – to ensure that qualified experts are completing the inspection work to specific customer standards. Within the platform itself, analysts can review, tag, and annotate any issues or concerns they see as well as rank the priority of the issue according to utility preferences. Custom reports are then exported to give your team actionable products and full situational awareness of your asset conditions.

MissionGO Data Analytics Platform



Amazing service – so where can you take advantage of it? MissionGO operates everywhere in the U.S. and currently employs full-time pilots from 23 different states across the country. This means we can go wherever you are. Whether you have backlogged data files that need to be reviewed or have a set of aging assets that need inspection, MissionGO can help. We have experience with all kinds of electrical utilities, from IOUs to rural co-ops to indigenous reservations; no project is too big or too small.

Analytics Offered Across the U.S.


At MissionGO, our first priority is to incorporate the safety of the aviation industry into the uncrewed world. Our core values reflect the precision, dedication, and attention that we give to each of our customers and flight operations. Our new analytics offer an entirely new opportunity to unleash the next level of safety and efficiency for infrastructure utilities.

Beyond just aerial imaging, MissionGO is dataset-agnostic, meaning our experienced analyst can work with LiDAR, hyperspectral, infrared, corona, RF analysis, you name it – we can do it. Talk with our team today about how you can take advantage of this game-changing opportunity.