MissionGO Videos

Cargo operations:

Proving Real-World UAS Cargo Operations

Partnering with Airspace Link, Beaumont Spectrum Health, and local agencies, MissionGO completed Michigan’s first real-world cargo operations featuring 10 days and over 40 flights in Operation Miracle Mile. Measuring results against ground transportation, the implementation of UAS can produce savings of 66% in travel time and 50% in operational costs. Swapping in an all-electric aircraft also resulted in a 37% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Operation Healing Eagle Feather

MissionGO, MediGO and Navajo Nation complete a series of flights in January 2022 demonstrating the capabilities of the new MissionGO MGV100, a fully autonomous, high-speed unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solution for critical cargo delivery. The deliveries included life saving prescription cargo, meal and food kits, emergency supplies, and livestock medications to demonstrate the versatility of remote cargo transport.

Reinventing Blood Transport

MissionGO partners with MediGO and The Living Legacy Foundation to complete a blood transport test flight using the new MissionGO MGV100, a fully autonomous, high-speed unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solution for blood and organ delivery. The demonstration revealed an approximately 292% time improvement over ground transportation, marking a momentous medical achievement with rapid UAS blood transport for fast-track lab testing, matching and transplantation of life-saving organs.

Successful Transport of Life Saving Organs

MissionGO partners with LifeSource – an organ procurement organization (OPO) serving the upper Midwest – and Mercy Hospital – part of the Allina Health system – to transport a human pancreas safely through a 10.2 mile circuit. A biopsy performed pre and post flight proved the viability and value of transporting lifesaving organs via UAS when the organ was declared fit for use immediately following landing.

Longest Organ Delivery Flight via UAS in the World

MissionGO makes history by flying a research kidney and corneas in the Las Vegas desert in September 2020 in partnership with Nevada Donor Network, Inc. The longest organ delivery flight via UAS in the world came in at 10.2 miles and demonstrated the ability to use a functioning airport (McCarren International) as a hub for last mile UAS deliveries to surrounding transplant and hospital centers.

Unmanned Aircraft AED Delivery

MissionGO simulates a critical medical cargo flight delivering an AED to test our all-weather payload mechanism.

Pizza Delivery by MissionGO

MissonGO demonstrating real world commercial deliveries with the MGV100 over the Baltimore Harbor in Maryland. Pizza anyone?

Transporting Life Saving Organs

MissionGO transports a human pancreas 10.2 miles through the Nevada desert showing the last mile(s) delivery opportunities for UAS that are safe, fast and reliable. Think about it… if we can fly an organ, what else can we do?!

Rodney Manuel, Senior UAS Pilot & Training Lead, talks about what goes into a MissionGO organ delivery flight.

Pioneering Medical Breakthroughs

A University of Maryland unmanned aircraft has delivered a donor kidney to surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

CNN Covers First-Ever Drone Delivery of Organ for Transplant

A drone delivered a human organ to a recipient for transplant for the first time. CNN’s Martin Savidge talks to Dr. Joseph Scalea who performed the transplant.

Click here to view the video from CNN.

Unmanned Drone Delivered Kidney for Transplant

In a series of “groundbreaking first” the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore successfully delivered and transplanted a donor kidney into a patient using an unmanned drone to transport the donated organ.

UAS Training:

MissionGO’s UAS Training

Our UAS startup program is a turnkey solution that goes beyond hands-on training to help you establish a professional, compliant, and sustainable UAS program.

Video Command Center & sUAS Drone Demos wtih UVT

MissionGO partners with Unmanned Vehicles Technology to provide white glove training services for UVT’s customer base. Together we offer the latest and most targeted drone equipping and training for public safety, first responders, and other UAS program builders.

Harford County Sheriff’s Office Locates Missing Child After Partnering with MissionGO to Develop Unmanned Aircraft Unit

Harford County Sheriff’s Office was featured on WBAL TV 11 News after they used an Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) to locate and safely bring home a missing child who wandered away from a playground.

Click here to view the video from WBAL TV.

Critical Infrastructure:

MissionGO’s Infrastructure and Utility Inspections

By leveraging unmanned aircraft systems, we deliver improved safety and reliability, superior data, higher efficiency and a team of trained experts with decades of experience in manned and unmanned aviation.