MissionGO's MGV100

Part 107 Operation Ready

Sub-55 lb single rotor uncrewed aircraft vehicle (UAV)

      • All electric featuring a fully redundant operating platform
      • Simple autonomous operations
      • Universal payload rail system
      • Average capacity: 15lbs
      • Distance: 30 miles
      • Flight time: 1 hour
      • Speed (dash/cruise): 53kts/28kts
      • Max wind resistance : 30kts
      • Service Ceiling: 8000ft MSL
      • Operating Temperature: -14F – 120F
      • RTK Ready

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MissionGO’s MGV100 is revolutionizing the future of logistics and represents the epitome of safety, reliability, and sustainability in everything from last-mile delivery to long linear inspections. Check out MissionGO’s latest cargo operations here and inquire below for more information on this innovative aircraft.

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