Critical Infrastructure Inspections

Drone inspection services for power lines, construction, pipelines, bridges and more


Improved Safety

  •  Eliminate the danger of climbing towers or inspecting hazardous zones
  • Fly over rough terrain and vegetation with ease

Superior Data

  • Achieve up to 50% higher detection rates compared to traditional methods
  • Obtain predictable and repeatable results due to automated processes

Higher Efficiency

  • Proactively report replacement/failures prior to impactful consequences
  • Secure lines and inspect critical infrastructure in one flight

Community Relations

  • Our field team is trained to promote positive customer interactions and de-escalate situations

MissionGO Difference

  • Combined decades of experience in manned & unmanned aviation
  • We build and implement UAS programs from the ground up

Capture the Images and Reports You Need

Our crews specialize in consistently capturing high quality and detail-rich images from the best vantage points. We realize the important role that each individual image plays in providing an accurate assessment of the condition and safety of critical infrastructure assets and operate the latest equipment with the best sensors available to capture high-resolution data that provides zooming capability to inspect items as small as a single cotter pin.

Our proven and safe long-linear inspection method allows us to cover miles of ground to capture the greatest number of inspection items possible in the shortest amount of time. These “quick-looks” offer an efficient method to conduct status checks on critical assets to evaluate for major safety issues, vegetation encroachment, and other potential obstructions.

MissionGO also uses 3-D LiDAR technology to scan and produce an accurate three-dimensional image cloud comprised of millions of points. This cloud image generates spatial data of the area accurate to centimeters.

Quality is multiplied by efficiency.


As an added value, our teams use the MissionGO Video Command Center (VCC) to provide the best service possible to our clients. The VCC allows MissionGO crews to live stream a high priority event (or a safety issue observed during a routine inspection) to Qualified Electrical Workers (QEWs) and other stakeholders in real-time.

MissionGO and LiDAR

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