MissionGO is a leading provider of UAS solutions and services. Formed by the professionals responsible for the first successful human organ delivery used in a transplant surgery via UAS, taking the first single-rotor UAS through the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Type and Production Certification process, and currently servicing one of the largest UAS inspection contracts in the world, MissionGO has been trailblazing the UAS industry by innovating critical infrastructure inspections, medical and commercial cargo delivery, and UAS training and program stand-up.

At MissionGO, our top priority is safety. Our team of experts have a strong background in manned aviation and public safety and bring the same attentiveness and precision to the uncrewed world.

April 2019 - MissionGO founded

MissionGO is founded by Dr. Joseph Scalea and Anthony Pucciarella with the world-changing first human organ delivery flight via UAS.

2020 - Infrastructure Inspections Start

MissionGO contracts with Southern California Edison for critical infrastructure inspections to prevent wildfires.

Sept. 2020 - Longest UAS Organ Flight

MissionGO partners with Nevada Donor Network to showcase proactive connectivity between airports and surrounding medical and transplant centers.

2021 - Type Certification Begins

The Federal Aviation Administration approves the air worthiness criteria for MissionGO’s MGV100 aircraft.

May 2021 - 1st pancreas transported via UAS

MissionGO partners with LifeSource and Allina Health to transport the first human pancreas via drone proving UAS as a safe transport solution for high-sensitivity tissue and organs.

June 2021 - MissionGO wins AUVSI Humanitarian Award

Feb. 2022 - 1st Rural UAV Delivery in Navajo Nation

MissionGO is invited to The Navajo Nation to perform a series of flights showcasing the rural delivery capabilities of UAS for cargo such as emergency supplies, prescriptions, food and critical survival gear.

March 2022 - MissionGO Wins Edison Awards for Aerospace & Robotics

MissionGO wins Edison Awards

June 2022 - Real-World Cargo Operations in Michigan

MissionGO partners with Airspace Link, Beaumont Health and MEDC for a 10-day, 40+ flight cargo operation outside Detroit.

Sept. 2022 - Airworthiness Criteria Published

The Federal Aviation Administration publishes the air worthiness criteria for MissionGO’s MGV100 aircraft in the Federal Register.

Oct. 2022 - MissionGO Announces Partnership with Southern California Edison

MissionGO UAS Inspection Contract

Nov. 2022 - UAS Proof of Value Operations in West Texas

MissionGO and partners in the Matador UAS Consortium complete multiple successful demonstrations ranging from long-range organ deliveries to solar farm inspections and more.