[Highlights from the Field] – Recognizing Talent & Dedication with Anna & Dominique

June 8, 2023


Highlights from the Field is an inside look at the people, stories, celebrations, and challenges that come from working on-site in the uncrewed aircraft system industry.

MissionGO Highlights from the Field
When you work in the UAS industry, teamwork is essential to success. All of our team members are critical to MissionGO’s success and today we want to call out two specific individuals who have gone above and beyond in their previous and new roles – Anna Springer and Dominique Lockhart!

Anna was recently brought on as an Overhead Line Inspector with our team in California and, from day one, brought tons of value and expertise to the inspections team. Even aside from her extensive knowledge and background, Anna prioritized the team and always stepped up to help others. She identified needs and gaps and worked selflessly to address them herself. Anna demonstrated personal leadership and was first to help others become familiar with the unique requirements for our work. We are proud to announce and celebrate Anna’s promotion to Lead Inspector and look forward to hearing more from her in the future!

Dominique came to MissionGO as a RPIC with tons of industry experience. However, as the season progressed, we quickly learned that not only was he a talented worker, but also a dedicated team-builder. Dominique has been a positive force in the field helping the team problem-solve and work through challenges to keep inspections on track. Personally, Dominique also finds a lot of value in the work being done with his team. When asked the best part about working at MissionGO, Dominique shared, “this company actually prioritizes and values its employees, creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.” We are honored to have such a fantastic teammate among our ranks and excited to announce and celebrate Dominique’s promotion to Field Supervisor!

MissionGO ranks are filled with talented, dedicated team members. We love to share about and promote our crewmates both in the field and in the office who work tirelessly to make sure that MissionGO operations are seamless and successful.

[Shameless plug: if you are interested in joining our team, we encourage you to check out our Careers page at https://www.missiongo.io/careers/]