MissionGO is hiring!

QEW Overhead Line Inspector

QEW/OLI will be responsible for timely delivery of data via visual inspections of electric poles and enclosures by reviewing high-resolution photographs, and through visual observation in the field of distribution systems to identify hazards that impact safety, company liability, and/or asset life, according to General Order 165.

*This position does not require any repairs, digging, climbing, or contact with the structures or components or a UAS (Drone) Pilot certification.

MissionGO is hiring!

Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC)

RPIC will be responsible for each flight and successful flight operation, abide by MissionGO’s safety rules and regulations to oversee their individual flight operation while in the field, collect useable high-quality imagery of specific assets, coordinate flights with MissionGO flight operations, fulfill Visual Observer position as necessary, work closely with a Visual Observer/Qualified Electrical Worker, and deliver the collected data in a timely fashion.